Perks of Being A Diabetic – Ophthalmologist Edition

So as some of you know, one of the perks of being a diabetic is all the additional tests you go through at various doctors visits. Today’s fun was at the ophthalmologist, where I got to not only have super bright lights shined directly into my eyes repeatedly, but I also got to have my eyes dilated, and pictures with bright-as-sin flash taken of my eyeballs, post-dilation, which makes reading anything for several hours after my appointment really funny and hilarious (with a side of slightly annoying!)
Don't you wish your pupils were dilated like mine?
Don’t you wish your pupils were dilated like mine?
I’m not knocking these tests in a serious manner. I know they are necessary and provide valuable information and help along my journey, I just like to poke fun at the additions to any doctors appointment due to Diabetes – what used to be a ten minute appointment typically spans 45 minutes now haha. It’s always better to have a positive outlook on all these extra nuances, and my preferred way of dealing is to poke fun in a sarcastic manner.
The good news is nothing has changed from my last visit – no better, but also no worse. I strive to do better but I am proud and happy that I haven’t gone backwards.
Now, if I could just focus a little bit… 🙂

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