My experiences with the 21 Day Fix

Back towards the beginning of my Beachbody journey, the 21 Day Fix was just launching, and so this was the Challenge Pack I selected to get myself going. 21 Days sounded very doable, and one of the biggest parts of this program is the containers/portion control, which is something I have definitely struggled with. Very few people are able to correctly size the proper portion, believe it or not! Many people think they are great at it, but are usually quite off.

So, I got my 21 Day Fix around April, and I enjoyed it. The workouts were intense but effective. The containers were beyond helpful in allowing me to see what a portion consists of. The nutrition aspect was eye-opening… I can apparently eat a lot more stuff than I thought! For those who think “I am going to STARVE” – NOPE! My struggle? was to actually finish the allotted amount of containers for each food group! No word of a lie, I still had several containers left to eat after dinner!

The reason for this is that nutritious food is way more voluminous than that terrible processed crap. So I was feeling much fuller, because I was eating more nutritiously. Eye-opening!

My results from my very first round of the 21 Day Fix.
My results from my very first round of the 21 Day Fix.

These are my results from my first round of the 21 Day Fix. I was very happy, and I felt much lighter and healthier. Of course, the most important take-away for me is that I can now eyeball a proper portion size!

Fast forward to now, where I am doing another round of the 21 Day Fix with my Challenge Group. We have a fantastic group, everyone is committed and helping each other, and I am just loving it! I wanted to do the Fix again to help get back in control after the holidays – try as I might, it is impossible for me to stick to completely healthy eating in the stretch from Halloween to New Years Eve – treats, big festive meals, drinks, and appetizers (my REAL weakness) are in abundance! I didn’t derail too badly, but now that those are over, its important for me to get back on track! I am just 3 days into this round of the Fix, and I already feel some of those bad decisions being worked off.

It is 30 minutes a day… I feel like anyone can handle 30 minutes a day. I schedule my workouts. I make them an appointment that I intend to keep!

If you would like to give the 21 Day Fix a try, get in touch with me! It is a great program, really effective, and affordable. If you aren’t crazy about it like I am, there is a 30 day money back guarantee offered through Beachbody! Don’t you owe it to yourself to give it a try?

Total Package - 21 Day Fix
Click the graphic to get yours now!

As always, I would love to be your coach and help you on your path to wellness! I know how overwhelming things can seem, but I promise, it gets easier. There is hope. You can do this. And I can help! Feel free to shoot me a message, and let’s get started! πŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “My experiences with the 21 Day Fix

  1. I am type 2 diabetic and am wondering how your sugars are on thos plan. Do you eat out and was it hard to incorporate into the plan


    1. Hi Tina! I don’t actually eat out super often, when I do, I try my best to be sensible! My sugars were fine with this, no real highs and no lows… balanced nutrition πŸ™‚

      I actually found this eating plan easy to follow. Do you think you’d like to give it a try?

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