Feel Good Friday – Say No to Say Yes

Who doesn’t want to feel good? It’s easy to feel pulled in so many directions with the holidays, in addition to all the other happenings in life. One way to keep it in check is to learn to say NO!

You do not have to attend every party, every gathering, every gift exchange, every cookie swap, and everything else. Your time is not infinite. By saying no to something that doesn’t serve you, or that you don’t enjoy, you are able to say YES to something you DO enjoy!

And since the goal in life is to do more things you enjoy, this gets you closer to that.

Do things you enjoy; things that make you feel good!


Thursday Thoughts – Just Dance

“Dance, full out, with no regard to who is watching, unconcerned with impressing or outshining.

Dance brilliantly, dance loudly, and dance as if your life depended on you pouring your entire heart out on the dance floor.”

One of my personal development books included this passage and I love it! While she was specifically referencing a dancer, the concept can be applied to life, too.

Don’t worry about who is watching, what they are doing, or needing to impress or get approval from anyone. Just live. Just dance.


Tasty Tuesday – Stuffed Acorn Squash

Do you like acorn squash? What about sweet potato? Dynamo combination, if you ask me!

With all the holiday meals, it can be easy to feel bogged down. This is a lighter, cleaner dish offering tons of flavor but won’t sit in you like a ton of bricks, either.

A note: sometimes using sweetened cranberries takes off some of the tartness. I make this exception to the rule because I don’t like the super bitterness of cranberries that have been baked. You can use whichever cranberry form you like!🙂


Small Biz Saturday!

Shoutout to all the small business owners out there! Do your part to support them! Remember, when you support small businesses, you aren’t helping a CEO get yet another vacation home, or upgrade his boat. You are helping a little ballerina get her dance lessons, or a budding Picasso get art lessons, helping struggling parents put food on the table… all sorts of goodness!

Help support these businesses – being the owner of a couple myself, we work really hard, and any and all support is much appreciated! You are helping to support our dreams, and encouraging others to do the same!

Do you have your own business? If you’d like to include the link in comments, I would love to check it out!